Tuesday, February 5, 2008

office newbee

Wednesday morning…
8th day in ALT, haven’t got much load of the new environment, peers, colleague, systems, admin., programs, tasks, knowledge, deadlines, anticipations, risks, fears, keyboard, computer, cockroaches?, bugs?...ants? .. Pretty much of everything.
The basics of being a newbie in an office.
Be prepared- research- the background of the company, the policies and the nature of the job.
Before bedtime prepare everything-
clothes- first impression leaves a trail (wear something simple- conservative and light colored), bag/ pouch- pack light just don’t miss out the personal toiletries: brush, toothpaste, mouthwash, alcohol, tissue, cologne...info Gathering tools- pen, notebook, pda, list of references, (trust me you won’t be working on the first few hours at work) a small list of personal details containing home address, Security nos., TIN no., bank account nos., passport no., parents- siblings full name and birthdates, references or just bring another copy of your detailed resume and 2 pcs. Of ID picture. Bring sweets too…candies and mints can ease out the tummy churning incidents due to nervousness and anxieties of waiting…last don’t forget the mobile phone..
Get a good sleep.
Rise up early: pray. Make your bed, brush…bathe and have breakfast…
Be at the work place early.
Put on a lot of smile and humility.
And start your day… expect nothing.
I haven’t done half of it… I had that at the back of my head…

Monday, February 4, 2008


Get a life..
Doze off
Drift on…
Forget the world…
The hassles, plights, rush, heart aches, dilemas…
Lay on bliss..
At the end of the day..
It’ll be just you, yourself
And your heart..